Basics of Vocal and Instrumental Harmonic Improvisation

Edwin E. Gordon

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 Harmonic improvisation—where chord progressions form the foundation for improvisation—is often misunderstood and ignored in most of today’s “how to” books, according to music education pioneer Edwin E. Gordon in this insightful book.

Yet harmonic improvisation is an essential component to musicianship and can assist with achievement in a variety of music skills, including reading and writing notation.

This provocative book explores harmonic improvisation in detail, from necessary readiness skills, to individual differences, to getting started with harmonic improvisation performance. Dr. Gordon also reviews current research and writings on the topic.

This fascinating book provides guidance to anyone hoping to explore harmonic improvisation, and gives encouragement to musicians to fully explore this art, and to succeed. As Dr. Gordon states, “there are no mistakes, only ‘improper solutions’.”

Edwin E. Gordon is a research professor at the Thomas Cooper Library of the University of South Carolina and the author of more than eighteen books. Professor Gordon and his work have been portrayed nationally and internationally on the NBC Today Show, in The New York Times, in USA Today, and in a variety of European and Asian publications.  

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