800 Songs, Hymns, and Acclamations
(with hymnal)

We Celebrate Pie Chart

13 Mass Settings
(with hymnal)

We Celebrate is a flexible resource that combines an easy-to-read, always up-to-date missal with a complete, beautifully softbound hymnal. We Celebrate provides parishes with the finest in texts and music, in a format that offers the right combination of stability and flexibility for quality parish worship.


  • The missal provides complete Lectionary, Roman Missal, and prayer texts for Sundays
  • Weekday Scripture citations, responsorial psalms, and more for weekdays
  • Includes weekly reflections to help worshipers pray and participate fully
  • The softcover hymnal provides a wealth of music choices, updated every 3 years
  • Misalito Parroquial, a Spanish-language insert, can also be added to the missal for bilingual communities

Resource Options

We Celebrate is available to be delivered to your community as a standalone missal or a missal + hymnal combination as well as with or without Misalito Parroquial, an additional ~100 page Spanish insert for bilingual communities.

6" x 9"
~ 300 pages per issue

Missal with added Misalito
6" x 9"
~ 400 pages per issue

Missal with Hymnal
6" x 9" (both hymnal & missal)
Includes ~500 page softcover hymnal

Missal with Misalito and Hymnal
6" x 9" (both hymnal & missal)
Includes Hymnal AND Misalito Parroquial insert

Accompaniment Editions

All We Celebrate accompaniments are loosleaf with binders.


GIA is happy to provide digital supplemental accompaniments for the We Celebrate, Seasonal Missalette, and Word & Song missals for guitar and keyboard accompaniments free of charge to all qualifying subscribers.

Click below to download:


Additional Resources

Choral Companion

More than 700 two-, three-, and four-part arrangements of hymns, songs, and ritual music found in our missal resources.


C Instrument Companion

Over 750 classic C instrument arrangements of hymns, songs, and ritual music found in all of our missal resources


Misalito Parroquial Keyboard Accompaniment


Misalito Parroquial Guitar Accompaniment


Lectionary Psalms and Gospel Acclamations

These psalm refrains and Gospel acclamations are crafted to be singable and expressive. For each Sunday and Holy Day, a carefully selected musical refrain is paired with a Gregorian or modern psalm tone with the verse text set under the notation in large print.


Ceremonial Binders - Series 4

created to be used alongside We Celebrate

Missalette Covers

Keep your missals in the best condition possible with optional vinyl missal covers. Options vary by book. Please Send us an email about Hymnals and Missals or call 708.552.9815 for detailed information and to place orders.