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Ritual Song—Second Edition includes music that has withstood the test of time, the best of new music we have gained since the first edition, and the most successful Mass settings and service music written since the implementation of the Revised Order of Mass. With an expanded repertoire of music for rituals surrounding the RCIA, initiation, funerals, and healing services, this hymnal will appeal to communities that embrace a broad range of worship styles.


  • 2 complete Lectionary Psalters
  • A balanced mix of traditional and contemporary music
  • Expanded content for rituals including RCIA, reconciliation, funerals, healing servies, and more
  • 11 complete mass settings including Tony Alonso's setting, Mass of Christ, Light of the Nations
  • The pew edition also contains scripture references for each Sunday and feast day of the three-year Lectionary cycle, along with the full Passion gospels in parts for Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

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