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GIA provides a complete fundraising plan using donor bookplates, which make it easy to raise the money for your hymnal and/or missal purchase. By inviting your parishioners to donate a hymnal in memory of a loved one or to honor their family name, you can easily and quickly raise all of the funds you will need to pay for your hymnal and/or missal purchase.

We suggest you ask for a donation of $30.00 to $35.00 for each hymnal dedication. This amount will cover your pew edition purchase and leave extra funds for other support materials.

Below, find a full fundraising kit full of information and documents to assist you as well as a blank donor bookplate file to print and use for each GIA hardbound hymnal.

Click any link below to download fundraising materials

Donor Envelopes

Donor Envelopes come in a package of 500 and can be another great tool for fundraising. Availability varies by hymnal. To inquire about donor envelopes, please contact Suzanne Orland at [email protected].