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Rooted in tradition,
Engaged with the present,
Focused on the future.
Gather—Fourth Edition.

GIA’s Gather family of hymnals is known for offering an outstanding variety of music with a contemporary flavor in a worthy, hardbound hymnal.

Gather—Fourth Edition builds on this legacy while showcasing the diversity of today’s church and addressing its unique needs in a digital world.

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Why Gather IV

Rooted in a strong tradition of excellence with a clear focus on the future, Gather IV is the complete music resource you have been waiting for!

We have intentionally designed Gather IV to be GIA’s most representative and relevant hymnal to date.

The musical contents fully represent the church today, featuring a diverse roster of composers and a wider breadth of musical styles.

Gather IV is also designed to work seamlessly with various digital assets, making it accessible and relevant in our technology-based world. It is fully coordinated for use with ONE LICENSE, GIA’s Hymnals App, and as well as with the new Gather IV Cloud and GIA Psalter Cloud.


Contents of Gather—Fourth Edition

Gather—Fourth Edition offers all of the features you have come to expect from the Gather family of hymnals, then takes them to the next level. This new edition is more diverse, more inclusive, more representative, and more balanced than any other GIA hymnal.

Gather IV leans toward the contemporary yet even chant is at home in this resource. Every piece of music in this edition met theological, pastoral, liturgical, and musical criteria and is representative of today’s world and the modern Catholic Church. No matter who you are, we are confident that you will see yourself in this hymnal.

Take a look at what’s included:

• 10 Full Mass Settings including ...

Mass of Creation (Haugen)/Misa de la Creación (Haugen/Alonso), Mass of Joy and Peace (Alonso), Storrington Mass (Haugen), Mass from Age to Age (de Silva), Mass of the Angels and Saints (Janco), Mass of Christ, Light of the Nations (Alonso), Sound of My People (Holland), Mass of St. Ann (Bolduc), Welcome Table Mass (Holland/Harris), and Cantus Missae

• Plus, more service music from other popular mass settings like...

Mass of Remembrance, Misa Luna, A Community Mass, Mass of Reconciliation, and Corpus Christi Mass along with other music for the rites from composers, Carol Browning, Richard Proulx, Michael Joncas, Peter Kolar, Steven Warner, Francis Patrick O’Brien, Marty Haugen, Chris de Silva, and Tony Alonso.

• A Comprehensive Psalter...

The Gather IV Psalter includes psalms from the psalters of Michel Guimont and Joseph Gelineau as well as the Lyric Psalter, Cry Out with Joy and Lead Me, Guide Me psalters, representing a range of composers, styles, and cultures.

• Songs and Hymns...

With Gather IV, you’ll continue to enjoy your standard core repertoire while discovering new music your congregation will come to love.

• Composers and Text Writers...


Gather IV features the music of both well-known and new composers including Tony Alonso, John Angotti, Audrey Assad, John L. Bell, Ed Bolduc, Carol Browning, Ian Callanan, Rory Cooney, Jaime Cortez, Jeanne Cotter, Chris de Silva, Bernadette Farrell, Marty Haugen, M. Roger Holland II, Bob Hurd, Michael Joncas, Daniel Kantor, Liam Lawton, Jesse Manibusan, Clifford Petty, Margaret Rizza, Leon C. Roberts, Dan Schutte, Zack Stachowski, Taizé, Trevor Thompson, Suzanne Toolan, Steven Warner, Janét Sullivan Whitaker, and many more.

Modern text writers like Adam M. L. Tice, Sylvia Dunstan, Mary Louise Bringle, Alan J. Hommerding, Delores Dufner, Shirley Erena Murray, and Ruth Duck are featured throughout.

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Index of Composers, Authors and Sources

Index of First Lines and Common Titles

Index of Service Music

Liturgical Index

Metrical Index

Index of Psalm Refrains Set to Music

Index of Scripture Passages Related to Hymns

Topical Index

Tune Index


Gather IV is designed to meet the needs of the modern pastoral musician.

We created Gather IV to integrate with all of our online tools, making it accessible and relevant in our technology-based world. Beyond, the GIA Hymnals App, and, we’ve expanded our online offerings with this hymnal to include the Gather IV Cloud and the GIA Psalter Cloud.


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One License

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GIA Hymnals App

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Gather IV Cloud

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Gather IV Cloud is a digital asset available to all Gather IV users that allows you to download corresponding choral arrangements of the songs, hymns, and service music in your hymnal. Enhance your worship by singing a matching choral rendition while your congregation sings the melody.

Psalter Cloud

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GIA Psalter Cloud is a digital subscription service that gives you access to download psalmody from every Lectionary Psalm resource in the GIA catalog for one affordable fee.