Music for cantor, accompanist and assembly.

Intended for use by cantor, accompanist and assembly, these editions are printed in an 8 ½” x 11” or 9” x 12” format. Reprint boxes for the assembly are included in each edition.

Tried and True

Genesis Reading for the Great Vigil
G-5018 - Composer: Rory Cooney
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Exodus Reading for the Great Vigil
G-4117 - Composer: Rory Cooney
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Christmas Gloria
G-2971 - Composer: Daniel Laginya
Preview $5.50
Christmas Mass at Midnight
G-2538 - Composer: Richard Proulx
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May the Angels Lead You to Paradise
G-2282 - Composer: Howard Hughes
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The Easter Sequence
In Responsorial Form
G-5053 - Arranger: J. William Greene
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Saints of God
From the Order of Christian Funerals
G-3391 - Composer: Steven R. Janco
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Springs of Water
Song for the Rite of Sprinkling
G-3639 - Composer: Donald Fellows
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Saints of God
Song of Farewell for the Rite of Funerals
G-2121 - Composer: Richard Proulx
Psalm 128
G-2858 - Composer: James Chepponis
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