Carruth, Tom M.

Tom Carruth is a graduate of Weber State University, with a BA in Piano Performance and a minor in Computer Science. He worked for 15 years in music retail and specialized in music software and hardware for music education, as well as products for music production. He worked as a composer and sound engineer for Wyvern Studios, producing music and sound for various projects including video games, independent film, animation and virtual rides. He has assisted many clients in producing music both in recorded and printed form. He has published works of his own and has marketed two CDs of his compositions.

Mr. Carruth has lectured on electronic music and software at universities throughout the United States. He has worked for MakeMusic as a clinician and product specialist for Finale and SmartMusic.

Mr. Carruth is the author of the instructional manual The Finale Projects: A New Approach to Finale (GIA Publications).