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Nilssen, Tina Margareta

Tina is the author of Unleashing the Potential of the Musician's Body (GIA Publications, 2023) and the creator of the movement system Timani, which develops a deep understanding of the body to support musical technique and performance. In 2013, she founded the Musicians’ Health and Movement Institute (MHMI) where she runs a three-year part-time certification program for professional musicians, training them to become Timani teachers and how to implement the knowledge in their own playing. Since 2007 she has taught Timani to thousands of musicians from all over the world, everything from orchestras and chamber music groups to students and soloists.

Tina’s background in anatomy and movement comes from her studies as a massage therapist and her work as a personal trainer (Norwegian Sports Academy), a kinetic control movement therapist, a twice-certified yoga teacher, and her studies in kinaesthesia for pianists at the University of Arts in Berlin.

As a pianist, she holds an MA from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo and has performed solo and duet recitals in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, England, the United States, Moscow, Italy, New York, and Philadelphia, amongst others. She has released four critically acclaimed CDs and has received a number of grants and awards, including the two-year Norwegian artists’ working grant from the Norwegian Arts Council, Jansons Fund, RWE-Dea, and the Norwegian Fund for Performing Artists.


Timani: Move Better to Play Better - Music Education

Timani is a useful tool for feeling and performing music with greater precision and expression in a healthy way by enhancing physical coordination and ease while playing or singing. In this workshop, attendees will learn a variety of Timani exercises to deepen their knowledge about theory and anatomy relevant to musicians. Also included is a simple anatomical analysis of playing or singing, targeted exercises for accessing new muscles and expanding movement options while playing or singing, and practice exercises while playing or singing to observe changes of coordination, sound, and phrasing.