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Petrunak, Stephen

Stephen Petrunak is director of music at St. Blase Parish in Sterling Heights, Michigan. He has been a member of the contemporary ensemble at St. Blase for twenty-six years serving as director for over twenty years. Steve is a private guitar instructor with over twenty-five years teaching experience and is on faculty at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit as a guitar instructor. He is also a studio musician, having played on numerous GIA recordings. Steve has been a faculty member for the National Association of Pastoral Musicians Guitar School for the last ten years and has recently accepted the Chairperson position for the NPM Standing Committee for Youth. He has several recordings available through GIA Publications, including his most recent release, With Hope and Healing, as well as a guitar method book series entitled Beyond Strumming: A Liturgical Guitar Method.

Steve has a Bachelors of Arts degree in business administration from Wayne State University. He was employed for thirteen years by the Kurtz Steel Company, a steel service center, where he served in his final capacity as vice president of administration for the last five years. As one of five corporate level managers, Steve has vast knowledge and experience in areas of group leadership, teamwork, collaboration, conflict resolution, crisis management, and strategic corporate planning.


Liturgical Guitar Techniques - Sacred Music

Presents the skills and techniques required by the liturgical guitarist. Presents such techniques as proper left- and right-hand technique, eighth-note strumming patterns, varying strumming patterns, advanced strumming patterns, individual picking patterns, plectrum, moveable chord forms, barre chords, lead runs, bass fills, left-hand strength exercises, scales, and basic chord theory. Participants are encouraged to bring their guitars and music (Gather hymnals). Minimum of two hours, prefer full day; can be done over several days.

Effective Music Ministry and Liturgical Ensemble - Sacred Music

This workshop is designed to help participants determine who they are and what they do as music ministers. This process-oriented workshop deals with the elements of effective music ministry and examines the liturgy documents. Scripture is used as a source for reflection in defining ways that we are called to work together as a music ministry.

Musician and Ensemble Retreat - Sacred Music

This day-long or weekend retreat offers the musician an opportunity to come together with other musicians to be spiritually and emotionally renewed. Time is provided for personal reflection, journaling, group interaction, music, and fellowship. Retreats can be group specific or general, and can be molded to match the journey of any existing music ministry.

Working Together in Ministry - Sacred Music

This workshop is designed for parish staffs who are looking for a day of enrichment. The session covers such issues as to what are we called, whom do we serve, and how do we function together. Conflict resolution, collaboration, and teamwork are emphasized throughout. The process of building a strong church with many ministries (one body with many parts) is the essence of the day. Minimum of two hours, prefer full day.