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Watson, Scott

Scott Watson is Professor of Music at the School of Music, University of Kansas. A member of the faculty since 1981, he has served for many years as Division Director of the Division of Brass and Percussion at the School of Music. He also served as Assistant Chair of the (then) Department of Music and Dance in the School of Fine Arts. His teaching assignments have included such diverse topics as brass methods, brass pedagogy, music appreciation, chamber music coaching, and orchestral repertoire. He is the author of Brassword: A Holophrastic Method for Teaching Young Brass Players published by Fishface Publications. Watson’s active performing career includes performances with such ensembles as the Fountain City Brass Band, Symphonia, the Melbourne Symphony (Australia), the Kansas City Symphony, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and the Brevard Music Center Orchestra. He is the artistic director and conductor of the Free State Brass Band and the KU Tuba Euphonium Consort. His legions of students fill major positions in higher education, professional bands and orchestras, as well as positions in public school music education across the United States. He and his wife Mary reside in Lawrence, Kansas.


The Future of Applied Teaching: The Best Days May Not Be Over - Music Education

There is an urgent need for creative approaches and entrepreneurship in applied music teaching in the ever-shifting world of higher education. This presentation will engage participants with information on how the field is changing and exciting new instructional possibilities, as well as how to avoid the trap of dated thinking about our field. Contact: [email protected].

The Time Is Now - Music Education

Both training and professional experiences in graduate school are essential aspects of preparation for landing an applied music teaching position in higher education. In this presentation we explore how to discover where your passions and talents intersect and provide suggestions relative to how to begin your professional career while still in graduate school—something we believe to be a necessity in today’s competitive job market. Contact: [email protected].

Recruiting: The Lifeblood of Success in Studio Teaching (Recruiting Strategies for Challenging Times) - Music Education

More than any other aspect of their job, young faculty are frequently not renewed in their position or are denied tenure because of failure to recruit students. This discussion presents innovative and practical ways for a new faculty member to win at the vital “numbers game” in a time when competition for the best freshman students in all applied music areas is fierce. We discuss both strategies for recruitment and ethical (and unethical) practices. Contact: [email protected].

The Rethinking of Research and Creative Activity in Applied Music Positions: New Ideas for a New Paradigm - Music Education

Our profession is on the cusp of new and exciting times. Recognition of performance-based creative activity is under great scrutiny in a time wherein academic analytics are heavily skewed toward pure research. In this presentation we suggest ways that applied music faculty might consider adjusting their artistic performance-based activity to satisfy the expectations of upper administration, regents, and/or state legislatures in an era when all faculty in all disciplines must present concrete evidence of the benefits of their scholarly/creative activity to the institution and its students. Contact: [email protected].

Climbing the Career Ladder Without Falling Off: Ideas for Life & Career Balance…and Yes, Success - Music Education

An applied music position will not be satisfying if you and/or your family are unhappy. You have more control over success and happiness at the outset of your professional life than you might think. This presentation discusses aspects of life and career that must be satisfied if an applied faculty is to be successful both in their career and in life. We will also discuss factors that often interfere with achieving that goal. Contact: [email protected].