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Biery, Marilyn

Marilyn Biery, AAGO, ASCAPlus award winner, was a 1982 finalist in the National Open Competition in Organ Playing, sponsored by the American Guild of Organists. Marilyn has served as Director of Music Ministries at The First Church of Christ in Hartford, Connecticut, Associate Director of Music at the Cathedral of Saint Paul in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and most recently Minister of Music at Metropolitan United Methodist Church, Detroit, Michigan.

Marilyn holds the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in organ performance from the University of Minnesota. Marilyn is a frequent collaborator with a number of American composers, including Libby Larsen, David Evan Thomas, Stephen Paulus, Pamela Decker, and James Hopkins. A series of her articles on American Organ Music was printed in The American Organist from July 2000 to June 2003; other articles have been published in The Diapason, on composer Harold Stover, organ professor Grigg Fountain, and the late Roy Johnson, former organ professor at the University of Arizona.