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Anderson, Marc

Marc Anderson is an instrumentalist, composer, record producer, and music educator living in the Twin Cities. He has recorded with many of GIA’s most popular artists, including Marty Haugen, Gary Daigle, David Haas, and Donna Peña. He has also recorded and performed with many great artists in the world of secular music including Peter Ostroushko, Steve Tibbetts, Max Roach, Greg Brown, Don Cherry, Robert Fripp, Altan, and Taj Mahal.

Anderson has two solo recordings, Time Fish and Ruby. Anderson studied traditional drumming in Ghana, China, and Brazil. He has also studied drumming styles from India, the Middle East, and Haiti with teachers in the U.S. Anderson teaches drumming and anthropology at Hamline University in St. Paul. He also leads drum groups in a number of elementary and junior high schools in the Twin Cities area. In addition, Anderson is an expert clinician and has conducted seminars, teacher training, and masterclasses for fifteen years.


Composing Music for Catholic Worship 2 - Jenkins - Sacred Music,Other

This workshop explores the act of composing music for Catholic worship. An exploration of the elements of composition and liturgy, its need for universality, appropriateness, and adherence to Catholic teaching. This workshop will provide clarity to the composer who seeks to write quality music for use in the Holy Mass.

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