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Wissinger, Kathleen L.


Accidentals Happen - Music Education

Planning ahead for accidentals makes ringing them a breeze. A simple 4iH (Four-in-Hand) teaching method is applied, and examples are played for practice.

Mixed Meter Mastery - Music Education

The secrets of mixed meter counting and playing is revealed and practiced, then played in actual pieces. Ringers surprise themselves by easily reading through pieces once thought impossible for them.

Originals for Worship - Sacred Music

A thoughtful reading session focusing on original pieces written specifically for worship, many with scriptural references. L2/3 2-3 and 3-5 oct. pieces. No hymn tunes here, the music speaks for itself...

"Putting Pizzazz in Your Performance" - Music Education

In an hour, we explore 2 Level 2-3 sight-readable, yet very musical pieces, adding finesse and interpretation to them. Both pieces are played confidently to completion, with "style!"

Weaving Bells not Baskets! - Music Education

Introduction of 3 and 4 bell weaving patterns and techniques, using large visual aids and clear directions. We ring through pedagogical exercises written for this class.

"4iH is not Foreign Hand!" - Music Education

Introduction to various 4iH techniques and determining when each is appropriate by examining the music. Unison line exercises and clear terminology are used. Best results in a small class.