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Dominguez, Julio

Julio Dominguez (b.1965) has been a conductor and composer with the Santiago de Compostela and Vigo superior conservatories and various other national and international choruses and workshops.

He is the founder of Camerata choirs: Ad Libitum (1990-2008), Vivace (1998-2010) and Vocal Galega (2008-2010). He has been guest conductor of different national and international formations including youth choirs such as Coro COACE (2002-2004) and Coro Joven de Andalucía (2010 & 2012), Capela Madrigalista from Ourense (2011-2012), and Xuntanza (Covelo). 

He received the Choral Music National Grand Prize (2002) and has been composer in residence and collaborator of several choral associations. His works, primarily a-cappella for children and adult choirs (equal and mixed voices), have received numerous awards through contests and many were commissioned by more important festivals and associations. He is also teacher and conductor of national and international conducting courses and workshops.