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Reisenthel, Julian

Julian Reisenthel is a senior studying to get his degree in vocal performance. He exercises his vocal talent with ensembles Choir of the West and PLUtonic. Reisenthel spends his time doing performances and practicing. He performs with Choir of the West and PLUtonic.

Even though Reisenthel has experience with vocal performance he has found another way to showcase his talents: composing.

Reisenthel’s familiar yet original composition “Ubi Caritas” is a work he describes as “a combination of four years of ideas exploded into two days of writing.” Reisenthel describes music and composing as, ‘language’ and ‘rhetoric.’

Although Reisenthel is not a composition major he has been gaining unexpected recognition, response, and praise for his work. Although a performance major, Reisenthel is gaining recognition from composing.