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Sousa, John Philip IV

John Philip Sousa, IV was the first civilian to have ‘conducted’ The United States Marine Corp Band at age 11 on the Capitol Steps in Washington DC. Mr. Sousa has proudly narrated numerous Sousa and patriotic concerts around the country where he shares stories of the March King’s music and life.  He also shares amusing antidotes of what it is to be the Great grandson of such an historic icon. Sousa led the effort to raise the necessary funds for the first life-size statue of his Great Grandfather which was sculpted and erected at the new Marine Corp Barracks in Washington DC in 2005.

John Phillip Sousa IV has continued his Great Grandfathers love of country.  Mr. Sousa followed The March King’s footsteps by proudly serving The United States of America with four years of service in the United States Air Force. As Honorary Chairman and a Board Member of Enduring Freedom, Killed in Action Fund, Sousa has helped to raise and distribute over 2 million dollars for the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country fighting terrorism around the world. In addition, this  organization assisted in placing pressure on Congress to properly and respectively care for the families of your nation’s heroes

While lacking in musical abilities, Sousa has found an artistic niche in painting…mostly bold, bright abstracts and patriotic paintings.