Iliya, Ilyas

Ilyas Iliya is a composer most known for his choral works. His music has been performed by Chanticleer, members of the Berlin Opera Orchestra, Resound Ensemble, CORO, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, Tennessee Chamber Chorus, Ancora Choir of Piedmont with Robert Geary, Texas State University Choir, the Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco, and the Brearley School Chorus. He has also collaborated with choreographer Gregory Dawson and film directors Maher Sabry and Tayeb Al-Hafez.


Born in Boston to Lebanese parents, he grew up in Lebanon until his 13th birthday when the civil war forced the family to immigrate to the United States. While his own explorations include studying classical guitar, cello, piano, and voice, he is most moved by voices that come together and spontaneously create new and luminous music.