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Callanan, Ian

Ian Callanan is one of Ireland’s leading composers of liturgical music. He has been involved with liturgical music his entire life and has been composing music for over 25 years. He is an accomplished composer, arranger, score editor and workshop leader. Ian’s own works are undoubtedly inspired by Ireland’s great musical tradition. Such is the popularity of his music that it can be heard sung in the many varied languages throughout Europe. Much of his music has been used for television and radio broadcasts.

Ian holds an honours masters’ degree in Religion and Culture from Mater Dei, Dublin and an honours degree in Music from NUI Maynooth. He is an active member of the Irish Church Music Association as well as being a director of Music Ministry Together, a national liturgical music formation program for youth and adult leaders. He is also the director of the “Emmanuel” programme, for the Dublin Diocese, and the “Seinn” programme for the Limerick and Killaloe Dioceses, which involve over 3000 secondary (high school) students, learning new liturgical music, culminating in a celebration concert.

Ian has travelled throughout Ireland, Great Britan, Spain and the United States as a concert performer, workshop speaker, and retreat leader in the areas of liturgical music, liturgy and prayer.

Ian is available for conferences, parish and diocesan events, covering a wide variety of topics such as liturgy, liturgical music and youth ministry.

You can see more of Ian and his music on his youtube channel

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e-mail: [email protected]

Tel: 086.249.0779

View David Haas interview with Ian Callanan at NPM 2009


Liturgy in the Celtic Church. The Celtic Spirit - Sacred Music

Using Music and Texts from the Celtic heritage this workshop will explore the liturgy as well as how we celebrate it. We will look at new musical settings for the liturgy, with an emphasis on the participation of the whole congregation. Subjects covered include liturgical participation of children alongside of the whole assembly and music for the liturgical seasons.

Do we sing the Mass or sing At the Mass? - Sacred Music

Whatever your particular liturgical art: cantoring, choir directing, playing an instrument, there is another art that comes before these, one that shapes and molds them. It is the Art of Liturgy, without it liturgical music becomes something that happens at the liturgy instead of being part of the liturgy. This workshop will train you as musician to learn the Art of Liturgy.

A Light has Shone Music for Advent and Christmas - Sacred Music

Advent and Christmas is a wonderful time for re-focusing ourselves both as adults and children alike. In this workshop we will explore repertoire for the season and reflect on the different character of each Sunday of Advent. We will also look at how we can face the challenge of providing a musical welcome for our "once-a-year" visitors at Christmas.

From darkness to light Music for Lent, The Triduum - Sacred Music

This is the season which is the centre of our faith. It is the Paschal mystery that we celebrate every time we gather for Eucharist. These three seasons hold a special place of power in the Church's year. They are a time for deepening faith and welcoming new and returning Christians. Each celebration has its own power to convert us all. This workshop will carefully explore the richness the rites give us for musical involvement.

Retreats - Sacred Music

Ian is also available to undertake retreats with a musical focus.

The Source of Life and Beauty - A Celtic Journey to the Cross - Music Education,Other,Sacred Music

Join Ian Callanan in a journey in song, word and dance through themes of creation, beauty, healing, forgiveness, hope and resurrection. All will be invited to actively participate in song as we journey to the cross with the music from The Source of Life and In Beauty We Walk. The songs are suitable for use throughout the liturgical year and encompass a variety of musical genres infused with Celtic grace and all seek to encourage, embolden, and enliven the spirit. The session can be presented as either a concert event or a workshop where messages of love, hope, praise, joy, and thanksgiving will profoundly speak to the heart.

Immerse your liturgy and your soul in beauty!

Opening Remarks - Music Education,Walton Music

Come early to get the insite on what all is happening.

Closing Remarks - Sacred Music,Other,Music Education,Walton Music


Blue and the Green Bacon - Music Education,Sacred Music

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Geographer Summit - Music Education,Sacred Music,Walton Music

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Sample Workshop - Sacred Music,Walton Music,Other


Sample Workshop 2 - Music Education

workshop 2