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Kook, Hyun

Dr. Hyun Kook, MD, PhD, holds his degrees from Chonnam National University Medical School in Gwangju, South Korea, where he is currently a Professor and runs government-supported research grants such as National Research Laboratory and Basic Research Laboratory to find new therapeutics for heart diseases. Though he had received no formal musical educations, started writing music since 2005, and presently he holds steady fame as a choral composer in Korea. His works have been performed at numerous choral festivals and conferences in Korea as well as in the United States; and he has written many commissioned works as requested by many professional choirs. He received several awards at choral composition competition including the 'Zane Busch Award', for outstanding creativity in choral music at the Composers' Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011. His choral compositions, sacred and secular, are published by major publishers in Korea and in the United States. Over two hundreds choral compositions are currently in print and the list continues to grow.