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Grail Community,

Grail people come from many backgrounds, traditions and cultures, married and single. You will find them all over the UK, working in different trades and professions.

Fellowship, support and challenge bond Grail people who find their faith strengthened and nourished through belonging. The Grail is on a quest for the treasure of great price promised by Jesus Christ to those who try to live as he did. We are people dedicated to God and centered on Christ.

Grail Community members The Grail community members are a full-time lay community who live together at the Grail Centre in Pinner. They are a small group of single women and Roman Catholic. They live a simple uncluttered life-style, and a celibate way of life. Known as Community Members they make a long-term commitment.

Grail Companions These are also single women and Roman Catholic. They live in their own homes and continue in their chosen career and profession. They make an annual commitment to the Grail.

Grail Partners Whilst acknowledging that their first priority is to their family, Grail Partners wish to be formally associated with the Grail. They make an annual commitment to work for and with the Grail. They meet regularly together.

Grail Associates There is a much wider group of men and women who are Associates, receiving the magazine and finding in the Grail a spiritual dimension to life. Grail Associates are women and men with different religious convictions. For more information on The Grail visit