Bettis, Doris Wesley

Doris Wesley Bettis has been writing since the age of ten, (mainly songs), like her father. She has been noted as a very gifted, prolific Gospel writer of the present generation. Her music has been presented in the Gospel Music Workshops of America; the selection "Stop By Lord" by GIA Publications, Inc., edited by Dr. James Abbington. Her music has been taught in years past in Seminary at Emory University of Atlanta, Georgia, by Dr. Marion E. Dolan. One selection, "New Heaven" was featured in a 2003 documentary of Whitney Houston's baptism in the Jordan River, as the background music, sung by the New Jerusalem's Fire Choir of Israel. Other selections have been taught in South America, England, and Australia by Mrs. Yvonne Reed Matthews, a childhood friend since first grade. Bettis serves as the founding Pastor of the Blood Covenant Evangelistic Church Inc., along with her husband, and has been in music ministry for over thirty years. She loves to sing, write, and sew.