Itkin, David

David Itkin has been the director of orchestral studies at the University of North Texas College of Music since 2008. He has guest conducted more than forty orchestras, ballet companies, and opera companies throughout the world, including the Seoul Philharmonic, the San Diego Symphony, the Winnipeg Symphony, the Fort Worth Symphony, the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, the Ho Chi Minh City Symphony, and the Colorado Symphony. He has served as the music director of eight professional organizations over the course of thirty years, including the Las Vegas Philharmonic, the Lake Forest Symphony, the Abilene Philharmonic, and a seventeen-year tenure with the Arkansas Symphony.


Inspiration and Perspiration in the Conductor's Craft - Music Education

Renowned conducting pedagogue David Itkin discusses and demonstrates the advanced techniques featured in his book, "The Conductor’s Craft."

Rethinking Conducting Basics - Music Education

Renowned conducting pedagogue David Itkin reviews conducting basics focusing on techniques to more effectively transmit musical and expressive information to your ensemble.