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Isele, David Clark

David Isele is professor of music and composer-in-residence at the University of Tampa. Most Catholics know him, however, by his compositions-the alternate Lamb of God from his Holy Cross Mass (G-2578) is sung each Sunday in hundreds of American churches. His compositions vary from works for orchestra and instrumental ensembles to large choral works, song, anthems, and chamber music. Several pieces have had European premiers, including "Prologue and Conjugation" for organ and "Cognitions," also for organ. The latter was recorded for Swiss National Radio. "Te Deum," a work for chorus and organ, had its London premier several years ago.

His finely crafted lines and disciplined sonorities are characteristic of both his concert works and his liturgical items. His music has an enduring strength that never sacrifices excitement for pedantic correctness. His nearly twenty entries in the GIA catalog and inclusion in many collections provide the church musician a stable and appealing repertory that will appeal ten years from now as it does today.

He has had numerous commissioned works in the past few years, especially in the field of chamber music. Last year the Quartet de Minaret, in residence at the University of Tampa, premiered his three movement "Minaret Trilogy." This same piano quartet also premiered "The Ascent", for soprano and piano quartet. He is currently working on a four movement sacred cantata for the same combination and will begin work on an organ concerto for the new $2.5 million Dobson tracker organ to be installed at UT in 2011.