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The resources provided on this site are designed for amateur and professional musicians and music educators to serve as a companion piece to Completing the Circle: Considerations for Change in the Performance of Music by Bud Beyer. The videos and documents on this site showcase Professor Beyer’s artistic concepts, enabling teachers and performers to comprehend these concepts and exercises with greater understanding and providing them with a practical and understandable pathway to integrate these concepts into their ensemble rehearsals, their daily teaching, and their artistic work.

“We need opportunities, through the process of artistic development and research, to objectively examine ourselves and our work and what we are communicating to those around us through the arts.”

— Bud Beyer


Arts in the Community

Fires in the Glacier: A Petition for Change

To Imagine

Introduction to Rodin

Transcripts of Exercises

At the Grieg Academy, Bergen Norway

Personal Story (see Completing the Circle, pages 90–93 for direction)

Senses (see Completing the Circle, pages 114–119 for direction)

Spheres (see Completing the Circle, pages 146–152 for direction)

At The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Projection and Extension

Resistance and Shapes in Space/The Arrest and Sculpture

Power Sit, Reverse and Qi Breath, Ensemble Circle

Warm-Ups – Hands and Face

Stretching Exercises and Atmospheres

Neutral Position and Continuous Motion

Levels of Gaze and Stage Fright

Stage Fright Explained

Sculpting an Object, Sculpting Music

Supplementary Materials

Personal Story

The Conducted Moment

The Journey

Homage to Rodin

Bud Beyer, Professor Emeritus in Theatre, Northwestern University, joined the faculty in 1972 and served as head of the Acting Program until 1989 when he was chosen to chair the Department of Theatre. He stepped down as chair in 2002 and retired from Northwestern in 2008.

Professor Beyer was also Founder and Director of the Northwestern University Mime Company established in 1972, which toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe. A member of SAG, AEA, and AFTRA, Bud has professional credits as an actor, director, and theatre manager, and has taught intensive scene study for professional actors in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. He has conducted workshops in mime and acting for colleges, universities, and festivals across the United States and published, with Charlotte Lee, Speaking of Theatre, Scott Foresman and Company (1974). He was also featured in The New Generation of Acting Teachers written by Eva Meckler (1988) and Acting Teachers of America, a vital tradition by Ronald Rand and Luigi Scorcia (2007).

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