Habits of a Successful Choral Musician

By Eric Wilkinson & Scott Rush

Habits Choral Books

For High School and Intermediate-to-Advanced Level choral musicians


Suitable for solo vocalists or full choral groups


Available as a physical book or online digital version
Online digital version available for $6.95


Available on both MusicFirst and MakeMusic Cloud online teaching platforms


Each student book contains parts for ALL voicings


Habits of a Successful Choral Musician is a field-tested, vital, and—most importantly—musical collection of more than 200 sequenced exercises for building fundamentals.

Perfect for use by an entire choir or soloist, this book contains carefully sequenced warm-ups, vocalises, chorales, rhythm work, tonal patterns, sight-singing etudes, and much more. In one place, this book presents everything an aspiring singer needs to build fundamental musicianship skills and then be able to transfer those skills directly into the performance of great literature.

Habits of a Successful Choral Musician:

  • Provides material for use during fundamentals time that promotes a comprehensive approach to developing skills necessary to fill the musical toolbox.
  • Includes a sequential format that leads to the mastery of reading rhythms and, ultimately, to musical sight-singing.
  • Provides chorales and other ensemble exercises for the development of tone quality, ensemble sonority, and musicianship.
  • Includes partner songs, folk songs, and rounds to develop harmony skills.
  • Combines pedagogy, literacy, fundamentals development, sight-singing, and musicianship into one book under one cover.
  • Promotes the idea that technique and artistry are not taught in silos but are simultaneously taught as students build capacity in both areas.

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In an engaging and collegial voice, Eric Wilkinson and Scott Rush offer practical advice and excellent resources for choral directors. Having both built highly successful programs throughout their careers, Wilkinson and Rush draw on their experiences to provide perspective, ideas, and ‘how-to’s’ that will benefit every teacher.

Dr. Alicia W. Walker

Associate Director of Choral Studies

University of South Carolina

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