Preparation of Digital Manuscripts

Meredith Music Publications welcomes submissions pertaining to music performance and educational reference texts and percussion pedagogical materials.

As a first step in submitting a manuscript, we recommend that you send a book proposal consisting of:

  1. A letter describing the purpose and audience for your book, along with your background and qualifications; please indicate which word-processing software you use as we ask that final manuscript be submitted on disc and hard copy
  2. An outline or table of contents and an estimate of the length of the completed manuscript in numbers of words or double-spaced pages
  3. A sample chapter or two, printed out (no electronic file transfers, please)
  4. Sample illustrations as well as an estimate of the total numbers and types (for example, pen-and-ink artwork for line drawings, black-and-white glossy photographic prints, camera-ready music examples) of illustrations planned for your book
  5. Your schedule to complete the book

Generally, we ask authors to submit book proposals early in the writing process as this allows us to give editorial advice during the development phase and cuts down the amount of revisions needed later.

Due to the large volume of submissions, it may take some time before you receive a response from us. If you wish to have the materials you submit returned to you, please so indicate and include return postage. Materials will not be returned without pre-paid postage .

Very best wishes for the success of your writing project.

Garwood Whaley ,

Mailing Address:
Meredith Music Publications
Attn: Garwood Whaley, Publisher
1584 Estuary Trail
Delray Beach, Florida 33483

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